May is a time for inner reflection: on our actions, desires, and spiritual growth.  This awareness allows us to recognize our goals, leave what doesn’t serve us behind, and move forward with our heart’s guidance. We are snakes shedding old skin, putting our past selves behind to be born again. As we adjust in […]

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Harness your moment for you. Spring is in the air. We spring clean, creating calm and harmony within our home. But what about extending those positive, fresh feelings to our mind, body and soul?  It takes time for spring to blossom and open out. Plants sit patiently through the winter, gathering themselves in their glory, […]

The Power of LOVE!

During the LOVE season, we often find that relationships with loved ones can either be enhanced or challenged. Love is exuded and can be recognized by others in our physicality yet it is something that we feel, believe, and transfer to one another energetically.  Words cannot describe the feeling of love.  No other person can […]