The Power of LOVE!

During the LOVE season, we often find that relationships with loved ones can either be enhanced or challenged. Love is exuded and can be recognized by others in our physicality yet it is something that we feel, believe, and transfer to one another energetically.  Words cannot describe the feeling of love.  No other person can tell you if you are in love or not.  It is an undeniable feeling that only you can truly know and the body truly feels.

In yoga, love radiates from the heart chakra.  The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, right on the sternum. This is the HEART of devotion to the spiritual path.  The key issues of the heart chakra revolve around passion, tenderness, inner-child issues and rejection.  The totality of our experiences, conditions and beliefs from these areas of our life defines where we are today; but with conscious understanding of heart chakra we can transform our past and open up to new possibilities.ariel

One can heal and nourish the heart chakra through simple asanas (yoga poses).   Asanas that open up the heart space, or the fourth thoracic vertebra in the back, have a positive impact on opening, rejuvenating and healing the heart.  Some poses to consider are cobra/up-dog, janusirsasana (head-to-knee forward bend), fish pose, wheel, bow, and wild thing.

Utilizing visualization and meditation can also open up heart chakra.  A twelve-petal lotus represents heart chakra.  Meditating on this area of the body, visualizing a green/pink light, and breathing into this space helps remove psychic blocks and cleanse this area of the body.  Audibly or mentally chanting “yam” while maintaining your attention on the heart chakra is also an effective mechanism to clearing this space as a gateway to higher consciousness.  When the heart is super active and overflowing with green/pink light, this warns off all negative energies.

As you approach life in 2017 and beyond, you can overcome your limitations of self, past conditions, beliefs and experiences, and allow your ariel2heart and love to flourish by loving everything and everyone unconditionally.  This is even true regarding those we may disagree with or behave in a manner that we may despise.  It is these people and their actions that offer us our contrast in life.  Unconditional love requires us to appreciate and be grateful for these people by helping us identify what we don’t like and offering us clarity on how we choose to live our own lives.  With the understanding that we are all one, from: one source, one energy, one divine light, one universal love, we can truly grasp the infinitesimal possibilities of love and life.



Green Goddess Grapefruit Smoothie.jpg

By Ariel Murray, RYT 200

You can catch one of Ariel’s classes here. 

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