A Simple 30 Minute Morning Routine to Change Your Day

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Every year, we all pronounce our New Year’s resolutions… I’m going to eat better, work out more, let go of stress, take a yoga class ;). But how many of us by March are still doing our resolutions? Here are a few tips to ring in your new year… and keep it going all year long.

  • First off, take it one day at a time.
  • Second, forgive yourself if you lose sight of the path you wanted to be on. We are only human. Just as in yoga, when we fall, we don’t just roll up our mat and give up…we keep practicing.Image result for barefoot grass
  • Third, change only one small thing… Example, add a full glass of lemon water to your morning routine. Walk barefoot in the grass. It’s always good to connect with the earth and feel that sense of grounding.
  • Fourth, you don’t just have to have one resolution.

Ok, just gave you a bunch of information… now, what and how do you incorporate it?

I’ll tell you. Adding the small things like lemon water, or cutting out dessert or sugar etc… those are things we can do each day. But, this New Year is about a shift… bigger than ourselves. What if this new year’s you gave yourself the gift of living in the moment?

Here is a Morning routine to try: Get up 30 minutes earlier that you normally do.

Make your lemon water. Roll out your yoga mat. Sit for a moment with your eyes closed.

Stretch your arms overhead and then stretch from side to side. Give yourself a full breath on either side.

Then take a few Cat/ Cow poses to open up your back.

Push back and up into Downward facing dog. Stretch each leg up to sky giving a full breath on each side.

Image result for sun salutationLook up between your hands and walk feet forward to forward fold. Rise up, bring hands to heart center.

Do 3-5 Sun Salutations, and any other preferred yoga stretches.

End by sitting back down and closing your eyes. Take a moment to be aware of your breath of the sounds around you and give Thanks. Stand up and start your day! If this feels good with you, try each morning to practice for just 30 minutes.

Like I said, take it one day at a time. See how you feel after doing this on a repeated schedule.

Finally, here is some homework, if you will. Write down 5 affirmations for yourself on 2 pieces of paper. Examples, I am strong. I am smart, I can do anything I put my mind to. Etc… Then tape them, 1 in your bathroom on the mirror, you’ll see it every day while brushing your teeth. 2nd spot, taped by your dashboard in your car, you can always repeat them to yourself while driving.

Maybe you’re looking for more patience in your life, so write down, “Breathe.” You see? And now, you have 5, maybe more things to look upon to connect with yourself to better who you are as a person. New Year’s resolutions are not just about how much weight you want to lose or a class that you have always wanted to Image result for namaskartake, or the marathon you are suddenly going to train for. It’s more than just the surface. If we adjust and change the simple mind set patterns that we have created for ourselves, if we break our mold in a sense, then all those other resolutions will fall into place, exactly where they are meant to be, and when they are meant to be. Taking it one day at a time, and really thinking about those affirmations to who and how you are, will bring about the change that you have been looking for.  I wish you all an amazing and Happy New Year! Here is to finding your true spirit. It’s always been there, it’s in your heart, now, it’s your time to listen inwards and put into motion what your heart is asking for.

Happy New Year my friends, Namaste~

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