Your Holiday Yoga Asana Guide

3 poses to practice this holiday season

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The holiday season is a time full of energy. The music, the giving, the celebrations… it can be easy to get caught up in the mix! Here are some poses hand-picked for you to keep yourself centered and keep your heart light!

Fish Pose/Supported Fish Pose

Not only is this posture an excellent stretch for the neck and a release for any tension tIMG_5463.PNGhere, but fish pose is one of the best poses you can practice to soothe anxiety. If the posture feels uncomfortable for your neck, spine, or throat, place a block or rolled up blanket in between the shoulder blades.

Either variation will also help you to open the heart and prepare for the season of giving!

Happy Baby

This pose is excellent to decompress. It provides a gentle stretch for the hips and the low back while relieving stress and fatigue.IMG_5458.PNG Additionally, this pose allows for you to connect
with your childlike wonder and playfulness. Feel free to close your eyes and gently rock from side-to-side. Invite some joy into your mind, body, and heart!

Legs Up The Wall

We can spend a lot of time on our feet during this season, so take soIMG_5462.PNGme time to restore! This posture has a seemingly endless list of benefits, but some of the best include relaxation, relief for headaches/migraines, and relief for tired or achy feet and legs. You can modify this posture by placing a blanket or bolster under the hips.

As a friendly bonus tip, remember that the holiday season can be a mentality you carry with you!  Above all, remember to breathe, smile, and love!  From our family to yours, happy holidays!

By Nicole Rae Grannie, RYT-200

You can catch one of Nicole’s classes here. 

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