How grateful I am! I learn to be a better me, just by simply being me – By Nola Murphy

 My yoga practice give me the place where I can learn to be a better me,  just by simply being me.

My name is Nola Black Murphy. I am 57 years old… can you tell me what is missing? I bet not….read on….. I am a survivor.Nola (2)

I endured those mammograms which we all hate but went anyway. In 2012 my first early diagnosis in my left breast resulted in breast conserving surgery followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation.

This event changed every aspect of my life.

In May of 2015 I was again diagnosed this time my right breast, an aggressive form of this insidious disease. In late June I had a bi-lateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts and some lymph glands) and today I continue my recovery with a choice for no reconstruction. I need no chemotherapy and no radiation I am proud of my body! Why?

I am a lucky one, I am still here, and have been supported by so many. Some not as they will be afraid for you (love them more). I will tell you it is your choice and theirs to participate in your life while you fight. It’s scary for sure.

fight-on cancerMy message today is be strong – call and go; endure the wait, the pain the possible copay/biopsy/good or bad outcome and walk out with a clean film or a plan for your future.

If you wait; you may become one of the “us” who may not survive this physical life and may endure more pain than you would ever want (chemotherapy/lonely radiation sessions which were the worst for me.).

If you’re afraid, contact me I will go with you and I will sit with you while you wait, or need a good cry, someone will be holding your hand all along the way….always!

We are sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. Life is too short already.

Early Detection saves lives… and post operatively Yoga and the coming together of our yoga community from Hanaq Prana to experience yourself with others in a nonjudgmental way with other likeminded folks for meditation, yoga or healing energy are beautiful ways to find inner peace.

I practice with Lorena she is kind, open, warm and accepting but most of all a wonderful teacher, supporting us/her students and friends to be at peace with themselves. To learn our strengths and weaknesses and love all of them at once, then to have other likeminded and mindful individuals come together.  I look forward to riding this beautiful ride we call life, and to help our community grow closer together as we grow with purpose. – Join us….everyone is so accepting… it feels like sunshine.

Peace, Love and Happiness



As a breast cancer survivor, Nola has participated in several walks helping organizations to bring awareness about this illness . She saw the interest in some of our students to starting a walking club.

Our first edition of Walking with Friends is on November 05th. We will meet at the studio at 8:30 AM, get a good stretching session, walk together and get a mindful cool-off by balancing mind, body and spirit with a 30mn meditation class from 9.15 to 9:45 AM.

Both activities are open to the community. Meditation class is donations based.

If you are interested in joining, send an email to or register here

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