3 yoga poses for clarity this Fall.

Hello Hanaq Prana Family,
When first joining the Hanaq Prana Yoga studio, I began by doing a karma exchange program. Cleaning the studio for free classes invited and opened my eyes to the sense of community around me. Lorena Saavedra Smith (the director) warmly accepted me into the family and showed me the ropes. As this went on for a few months Lorena said to me “You are a lightworker and I know would make a beautiful yoga teacher – we need you!”. After already being RYT-200 certified I made clear steps into making sure I had all my credentials to finally work in a beautiful and sacred space. Since then my passion for teaching and my own practice has blossomed into something I’ve never imagined myself doing. Having this opportunity to help and motivate others to live healthy fills me with joy and inspires me to keep supporting the yogi revolution!

During the fall season the weather changes and so does our body. The air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy, and the yoginis are out to play! Here are some of my favorite fall poses…

Twisting incorporates a very detoxifying element to your practice and aids in digestion. This is great for the holidays ahead that require family and lots of FOOD.ariel-1

Twists also help with sending new oxygen to the upper, mid, and lower areas of the body.

Side Stretches
Reverse warrior (seen in picture)ariel-2
Is my favorite side stretch pose. Not only does it create length in the spine and opens the heart but also is strengthening pose.

Key areas for building strength incorporate ankles, inner thighs, chest and shoulders.

Don’t let the label of back-bends scare you.backbends

Back-bends are great for fall because of the stress form the holidays,work, school, etc, The benefit is incorporating this into your regular routine is that is reduces anxiety and stress. Allowing the chest to be fully open makes it easier to breathe deeply.



Happy Fall!


Ariel Murray, RYT200

Find Ariel’s class here. 


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