The Rhythm of Flowing

 My Yoga Playlists and Why They Mean So Much to Me

By: Nicole Rae Grannie, RYT200

Music is my soul. Words and lyrics are my breath, and the sound of the base is my heartbeat. As many of you know I come from a background of dance and creative writing, you can see why I make such dramatic statements.


I pour my heart into the songs I choose for class have a playlist for just about every season, month, mood, and special occasion (yes, there was a special playlist just for my birthday.)

Even from a neurological and physiological standpoint, we are connected to music— our mind and our senses engage with these rhythms and sounds and respond accordingly, be it an emotional sensation or a physical one. To further indicate the connections we have to music, we can turn to the way music mimics the rhythms that happen in our body and in nature.

Slow with the Flow

I describe the flow as a dance; as I move through the postures, I like to imagine the pranayama (breath/vital force) connecting and dancing with the different systems (nervous, muscular, energetic, etc.) You’ll hear me say it time and time again: as we slow the breath, we send a signal to the brain to slow down the rest of the body. This creates a space for us to move, explore, and honor the present moment. I see playlists and music as an opportunity to encourage this relationship and to provide the class with a series of sensations and experiences.

Dancing separately, together

To this day, my favorite way to explore dance and movement is through improve (i.e. improvisation.) In dance class, my teacher used to pick a song or a few songs and tell us to move. When I first was introduced to the art of improv, I used to plan. In fact, I would stress, I would anticipate, and I would tense up. But then I realized that this space of improv was not a stage to where I needed to be of perfection, but rather an open field to find my art and to find the way the music moved me.

I see yoga in the same light. When I create a playlist, I imagine us all dancing. Some of us many hear the music and want to roll the body through a sun salutation; others may hear the melodies and be inspired to stretch out through the fingers. Some days, I hear a beat that encourages me to reconnect in a child’s pose. Our experiences on our mat are unique, individuals, and special, but the energy in the room is shared, expressed, and sacred.

My songs picked me

If it doesn’t make me feel something, it’s not going into the playlist. As previously stated, my heart is poured into my playlists. If you like how I flow, you can find all of my yoga playlists (and, admittedly, my punk rock, alternative, and country playlists) on my Spotify (link posted below.)

As always, I wish you light, love, happiness, and playfulness. Until we flow again, bless up, and Namaste.

You can catch one on Nicole’s classes here. 

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