5 Tips for the Traveling Yogi!

By Nicole Rae Grannie, RYT200

Each morning, moments after rolling out of bed, I do five sun salutations regards of where I’m staying. I suppose you could attribute this to my somewhat type-A need for consistency or my lifestyle that revolves around yoga, but I truly believe in power of devoting a little time to the practice of yoga each day, even if it’s just a few minutes.

Easy enough, right? Not for everyone, I know— especially when it comes time for vacation, and we’re away from our home studio. That being said, I’m offering up some of best tips for sticking with your practice.

  1. Bring your mat with you.

If you’ve ever seen the back of my car, you’d know I always keep a mat (or three) in my trunk “in case of emergency.” Though this is an ongoing joke of mine, it definitely comes in handy when I’m out of town and need to get in a quick flow!


When I’m staying at a hotel or if I’m visiting my family in South Florida, I take my mat inside with me and keep it where I can see it. Doing so serves as a huge visual reminder!

Lastly, rolling out a mat is serves as a cue for everyone else that you’re taking some time to center. Most of my friends and family understand that when I’m on the mat, I’m in a sacred space. If your loved ones aren’t familiar with the practice, it’s a great chance to communicate the idea of respect… and a chance to invite them to join in!

  1. Make a date.
    Find a studio near the hotel/in the city you’re visiting, sign up online, and make a date! I understand the separation anxiety from being away from your home studio, but flip it around and turn it into an adventure! Different cities and populations yield different energies and teaching styles—take advantage of that! Bring along your hubby or sibling and turn it into an afternoon out! After getting your flow on, visit a local juice bar or coffee shop, or take the opportunity to do some wandering in the city or in a nearby park.
  2. Explore!
    There’s something really special about finding a niche in a new environment to practice. Sometimes when I’m on vacation, I go on walks with my mat and stop when I find a place that speaks to me. Other times, I go with another person and turn my practice into a mini photoshoot! (Never underestimate the power of an iPhone camera.)
    Not only are you exploring a new place, but doing so often allows for a new exploration of your practice as different places yield different experiences. Get creative, get adventurous, and have fun!
  3. Length is irrelevant.

When we hear “yoga practice,” we tend to think of an hour long vinyasa flow when in reality yoga is yoga regardless of duration. Like I said before, a few morning sun salutations or some light stretching and pranayama (breathing exercises) before bed or while watching TV will help you to stay committed and centered.

  1. It’s more than just the asanas.
    You are on vacation, after all! If you miss a day of asana practice, forgive yourself, love yourself, and move on! I truly believe yoga is a lifestyle. What can you do to continue on your yoga journey? Attend a charity concert with your friends. Connect more with loved ones through conversation. And breathe!

How to you live out your yoga on vacation? Do you have any tips? Let us know!


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