Chronicles of the Eight Limbs of Yoga – The Mother of Acceptance and Freedom

What is loss? What do you do when your soul is in pain? What is endurance? How can I alleviate suffering? How can I embrace empathy? How can I be of service to others? How can I embrace ? Ahh… So many questions have popped into my head the last few weeks and after a lot of self-observation and a bit of research I still come up with the same answer.

“We are wounded healers and from the once broken pieces of the self, we have the tremendous capacity to help others from the deep layers of the pain that we overcame in the past”.

limps of yoga

“I am no different than anyone on the face of the earth.  I breath the same air, feel pain and loss, happiness and love, aggravation and frustration, but years ago I decided to take a responsibility to make a difference in my own individual history to create a positive impact on the life of people that cross my path. This is what helps me heal, and by serving others, I will be cleansed and receive good Karma in return”.  

Experiencing death, serious illness of a loved one, or loss of any kind is not an easy task to comprehend for anyone but it is part of life and is totally normal to be entangled in a mix of emotions.  The crucial task is to learn how to deal with those emotions and no get stuck in them.  It sucks!  I know.

Years ago I went through a series of dramatic events that left me with deep wounds, lots of guilt, low self-esteem and severe depression. I thought I would never recover from that stage and I would never be able to trust and love anyone anymore. The recovery process was not easy – in many ways, I tried to avoid it because it was so painful to go back to it – living in the unreal truth was much easier. Blaming others for the suffering and playing the victim rule was my escape. Time went by and I knew things needed to change. It was time to move on to gain my life back and face reality! This was when I decided to take my yoga practice beyond Asana (yoga poses).  Getting in contact with my true self, practicing Ahimsa (non-harming), Satya (truthfulness) and Isvara pranidhana (the surrender to God) was quite revealing to me. I discovered how Pranayama (breathing) allowed me to be in stillness and present in the mix of chaos while, Pratyahara (awareness) gave me the opportunity to step back and take a look at myself.

I can truthfully say that is because these ancient and wise disciplines allowed me to discover my real self – nothing close to what I pictured years ago.

It was from this place of sorrow and joy that I allowed myself be empathetic to others.  I know what pain is, I know how it feels not to know what to do and panic when the task to accomplish seems to be so huge and almost impossible to be done, and I also know that accepting the imperative to face the real true with love and self-compassion is the gateway to purification of the soul.

By welcoming without judgment the constant shifts of life, I fine-tuned to the many nuances of a particular event surrendering into Dharana (concentration) where Dhyana (meditation & contemplation) helped me to been quieted, simply observing the unfolding of life. All these self-compassion practices assisted me to hold the space of present and hope for others without being drained for the unexpected life changing events, with certainty the Samadhi (state of ecstasy & fulfillment) is the highest and profound connection to the Divine.

One of the mottos of my practice is that Self-Acceptance is one of the greatest benefits of yoga and I grasp onto it constantly.

This is a long and endless route, so let’s keep practicing my fellow yogi – we are in this together.

Much love & light.

Lorena Saavedra Smith, ERYT. RP. Life Coach.

Headshot Lorena

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