November: Life is a gift! Stop. Breathe. Be Grateful and Keep moving.

Life is a gift!  Stop. Breathe. Be grateful and keep moving.

As a yoga teacher and the studio director, I encounter conversations with lots and lots of people every day and truthfully speaking, I love it! Every time I see someone open up and confidently express and share their reasons of why they think yoga will be good for them still amazes me.  Despite the superficial and most common motivations to get involved with this intangible world full of unmeasured benefits, there a are very profound reasons, which in many cases are slightly different depending on the stage of life of each individual.

I wo20151026_105656 (5)uld dare to say that many of us gravitate to yoga and meditation searching for inner peace, which can be described in several contexts.

I shared with many of you the reason I became involved with yoga and why I truly believe that besides the divine intervention of the Creator, this practice gave me the tools and strength I needed to keep moving forward. Life can be tough for anyone with all of its ups and downs. I am just grateful the through the practice of yoga, I accept who I am, and it’s totally ok to be me.

Because this month is all about being grateful, I want to share two different histories of two amazing warriors that discovered yoga in the midst of commotion and were able to overcome turmoil and let the hero emerge to the surface.

Thank you Nola and Nicole for letting me let the world know about your beautiful souls.

With Gratitude,

Lorena Saavedra Smith

fight-on cancer

* How grateful I am! I learn to be a better me, just by simply being me.
By Nola Murphy

My yoga practice give me the place where I can learn to be a better me, just by simply being me.
My name is Nola Black Murphy. I am 57 years old… I am a survivor.
I am a lucky one, I am still here, and have been supported by so many.

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* Walking with friends 

Our first edition of Walking with Friends is on November 05th. We will meet at the studio at 8:30 AM, get a good stretching session, walk together and get a mindful cool-off by balancing mind, body and spirit with a 30mn meditation class from 9.15 to 9:45 AM.

Both activities are open to the community. Meditation class is donations based.

If you are interested in joining, send an email to or register here

* Workshops and Events
– Veterans Day is approaching and we are supporting Moving for Military initiative with a collection drive that provides essential items to homeless veterans and their families living in crisis.
Learn more

– Yoga Journal Live
Nov 12-16, 2015
Receive %15 off.
Learn more



Freedom within four corners: The paradox that changed my life. 

The practice of yoga doesn’t seek perfection because there is no such thing. Expansion. It radiates from the inside out. You are not to conform to the asanas. You are not trying to get somewhere. You are asked to come to the mat—simply be. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

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* Sign for Classes from your mobile. mindbody connect

Get to your practice with ease, Download the app 

what-are-you-thankful-for* A moment of gratitude – Demonstration of kindness!
The upcoming weeks will be full of emotions and appreciation for what life give us. I am committing myself to have a moment of kindness and gratitude every day of November. I want to inviting you to do the same, something simple as a phone call or an email to say “Thank you for what you done for me” can really change someone’s life.

What are you grateful for?

(Thank you for sharing with us on the comments section)

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